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Khoya banane ki recipe

Mawa may not available at stores or dairy in some countries, there are several alternatives of making it at home. Homemade Mawa is used at these places. It can be prepared very easily at home but it takes a long time.

Mawa is a dairy product made from milk. It is a condensed form of milk. It is easily available at dairies and stores in India. It is used to make many sweets and curry vegetables. Three types of Mawa are available in the market. This type of Mawa is very firm and solid.

Ready Mawa is set in cup shaped moulds. It is used to make ladoo and barfi. Chikna Mawa is also called Daav ka Khoya.

Mawa Gujiya Recipe in Roman English - Mawa Gujiya Banane ka Tarika

It is prepared like batii Mawa but is not reduced to that density. It is done a little earlier. It is thick as halwa a sweet. Chikna Mawa is used to make rasgullas a syrupy dessert of Orissa and Bengal. Granular Mawa is also made from milk. This Mawa is granulated by adding a little tartaric acid or lemon juice to the milk while boiling.

It is a job of a person expert in preparing Mawa. You can also try it. It is used for making Kalakand, ladoo and granular barfi. Always use full cream buffalo milk to make Mawa at home. Allow milk to boil in a heavy bottomed utensil. Medium the flame when milk boils and stir after every minutes.Its basically made by simmering full-fat milk in a kadhai or pan for hours leaving behind coagulated solids in milk.

These solids are khoa. Khoya is basically white or pale-yellow in color and stays fresh for several days.

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Khoya prepared with this recipe gives great result when used in sweets. Khoya or mawa is used to make different Indian sweet dishes such as halwagujiyabarfi, gulab jamun, pedha etc. Khoa is prepared by reducing cow or buffalo or mix milk to one-fifth of its original volume. Leaving behind coagulated solids. Khoya is easily available in market these days. However we do hear news of adulteration of milk and milk products in India.

Who knows how they made it or is it fresh or not? Thus I prefer to make khoa at home instead of buying ready made one. It takes some effort but once a while you can shed some calories to get pure homemade product. So this Diwali festival if you are planning to make sweets at home do not buy khoa. Before we dig into the detailed recipe of making khoya at home let us go through few tips that will help in getting good result while preparing khoya.

By doing so the milk will not stick to bottom while preparing khoya.

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Pour 1 liter of full-fat milk in pan and start heating it. For 1 liter milk we will get around grams of khoa. So adjust the quantity of milk according to your desired yield. Check the consistency of milk at this point. Keep stirring while boiling it. It should take around minutes of hard work to completely boil out the milk. Once done the khoya or mawa is all left behind. This is fresh homemade khoya. Turn off the flame and let the khoa gets to room temperature. You can store it in refrigerator for several days.

Pour 1 liter full fat whole milk in pan and start heating. Let the milk comes to boil once on medium heat.Ise banane ke liye sabse pahle pain me ghee garam kare usmein 3 ilaychi dhalein. Iske baad iss mixture ko kisi bowl me nikal kar rakh dein.

Ab phhir se pain me 1 tsp ghee garam kare, ghee me makhana aur mewa daal kar achche se fry kar dein. Jab wah sunhare ho jaye to unhe nikaal kar ek side rakhe. Ab ek bada bartan lein, usmein 2 cup pani aur chini daal kar achche se garam kare. Paani ko lagatar chalati rahe jisse ki chini achchi trah se ghul jaye. Ek taal ki chashini banne tak ise achchi trah se paka lein.

Jab aap ki chashini taiyaar ho jaye to usmein color milaye aur achche se milade. Ab ek bade pain me 1 tsp ghee dhaalein aur usein garam kare Ab ismein 3 ilaychi daalin aur kuch second pakayein.


Sewaiya bhun jaane par usmein dudh milaye aur achche se miladein. Iske saath hi nariyal aur khoya bhi miladein. Ab gas off kar ke dhak dein. Aap ko yah Eid Special recipe achchi lagi yaa nahi hamein comment kar zaroor batayein isi ke saath hi iss post ko like aur share zaroor kare thank you. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. June 15, Afreen 0 Comments dry seviyan recipe pakistanieid seviyan recipeeid sewaikimami seviyan recipe in urdukimami sewai recipe step by stepsewai banane ka tarikasewai recipe in hindishahi sewai recipe.

Beetroot soup recipe in hindi December 25, Afreen 0. Butter biscuits. December 7, Afreen 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.You will get A curry dish vindaloo that belong from India and hom It's stuffed with solid milk, nuts and coconut. Must try a Get a new recipe for your family, Khoay kay Parathy is a healthy version; stuffed with s This recipe of khoya used in mithai, desserts and cakes.

A biscuits based Key Lime Cheese Pie is a delicious and taste pie that everyone like to eat it.

Kimami Sewai Banane Ki Recipe

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Szechuan Soup and Sweet and Sour Fish.Zakir Ali Rajnish March 9, Edit this post. Gujiya aam taur par kisi khas mauke par banayi jati hai. Ye banane men aasan hai aur ise kaafi dinon tak istemal kar sakte hain. To aaiye, aaj jaante hain Mawa Gujiya Recipe.

Gujiya men bharne ke liye:. Gujiya ka aata taiyar karne ke liye:. Mawa Gujiya Banane ki Recipe:. Gujiya banane ke liye sabse pahle gujhiya men bharne ke liye bharawan taiyar karna hai. Iske liye ek bhari tale ki kadai len aur usmen mawa khoya ko halka bhura hone tak bhun len aur use ek ek alag bartan men nikal len.

Iske bad kadai men ghee dalen aur sooji dal kar use bhi halka brown hone tak bhun len. Bhun jane par sooji ko bhi ek alag bartan men nikal len. Ab mawa khoyasooji, shakkar aur mevon ko achchhi tarah se mila len.

Ab aapki bharavan taiyar hai. Ab gujiya banane ke aata ki taiyari karni hai. Iske liye sabse pahle ghee ko pighla len. Fir use chhane hue maida men dal kar achchhi tarah se mila len. Iske bad doodh ko bhi aate men mila den aur uske bad zarurat bhar ka pani dalkar thoda kada aata gooth len. Guthe hue aate ko ek bartan men rakh den aur use geele kapde se dhak kar 30 minute ke liye rakh den.

Iske baad aate ki chhoti-chhoti loyi bana len.

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Loiyan sukh kar kadi na ho jayen, isliye inhen geele kapde se dhak den. Iske baad loyi len aur use puri ki tarah bel len. Puri ke beech men 2 bade chammach bharavan rakh kar puri ko beech se palat den aur kinare ko mod kar band kar den. Aap chahen to iske liye gujiyon ke sanche ka bhi istemal kar sakte hain.

Sari gujiya bharne ke baad ek mote tale ki kadai men ghee garam karen. Ghee garam hone par aanch ko medium kar den aur usmen jitni gujiya aaram se tal saken, utni dalen aur halki brown hone tak ulat-palat kar tal len. Ab aapki testy Gujiya taiyar hain. Ek plate men garma-garam gujiya nikalen aur test karen. Bachi hui gujiya ko thandi hone ke baad kisi air tight box men rakhen aur dinon tak aaram se istemal karen. Sweets ki aur Recipes Yahan dekhen.

Bachchon ko hi nahin badon ko bhi Macaroni bahut bhati hai. Iski wajah hai iska chatpata taste. Macaroni ki is popularity ko maddenazar rak Pasta ka naam sunte hi bachchon ke munh men pani aa jata hai.

Bachchon ki pasand ke maddenazar aaj hum Masala Pasta Recipe lekar hazir hain Poha ek North Indian Recipe hai.An easy to make fresh, creamy and beautiful sweet dish to celebrate all occasions big or small.

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Easy and tasty khoya ke pede or mawa pede can be made and stored to be eaten whenever you have a craving for something sweet and delicious. Cooking with heart and soul for her family for over 30 years, now she is here to share her recipes with the world.

All her life as a homemaker to help her husband and kids achieve success in their respective fields, now she has started this blog to do something for herself and pursue further her passion for cooking.

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khoya banane ki recipe

Then lower the flame and stir and cook the milk till it dries up to form creamy khoya. But it should be fresh.

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Transfer the prepared khoya to a plate and allow it to cool. Then crumble it with your hands. Heat a kadhai and add the crumbled khoya to it. Lower the flame to low level. Stir and cook the crumbled khoya till it attains a uniform light red colour. Then transfer the cooked crumbled khoya to a plate and allow it to cool a little. When the cooked khoya is slightly cooled then add powdered sugar and crushed cardamom to it. Mix the ingredients well together.

Divide the mixture into equal parts and then take one part in your hand. Press and give it a shape of peda. Prepare all the peda in the same manner. Now garnish each of it with a dry fruit of your choice.

Place one small piece of dry fruit at the center of each peda and press it lightly. Note: Click here to read our disclaimer. Renu Srivastava Cooking with heart and soul for her family for over 30 years, now she is here to share her recipes with the world. Similar Recipes.Khoya burfi is a traditional Indian mithai or sweet dish recipe with creamy rich khoya sweetened and then flavoured with badam, elaichi and served garnished with pista shavings.

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khoya banane ki recipe

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Please sign in to access your cookbooks Existing members click here to sign in New visitors click here to sign up. Please sign in to create shopping lists! Ingredients gms mava khoya or 1 litre milk gms sugar gms plain flour maida 8 cardamoms elaichi 6 saffron kesar strands 1 tsp milk finely chopped pistachios. Method Dissolve saffron in the 1tsp milk. Transfor immedietely to a greased plate.

khoya banane ki recipe

Allow to set for 2 min. Garnish with nuts,cut them desired shaped pieces. Or use decorative moulds. Then you can follow the same process as above.

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